Amazing Grace

While enjoying an amazing bowl of warm veggies, I looked up, and saw my whole team around me, cheering and applauding. I had to cry.

As of today, I officially got my life back.
Up to last weekend, life has been a (physical) struggle for me.
Last week, spirit gently pushed me to using CBD (cannabis) oil.
After only 2 drops, all of my food-intolerance was gone. All!
And I got about 30 other significant improvements in my life.
From only 2 drops!
(I made a list of the improvements, because I couldnt believe)
Since then, until today, I lived in kind of a haze.
Now it feels grounded.
Waiting all my life (56 years) for this to happen, not even knowing it would, but never really doubting.
And then having my team around me, cheering ❤ , celebrating with me

Amazing grace, that is how it feels. Goosebumps.
And I so much feel it's not only me who feels so much amazing grace now

Playing this a lot of times:


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