Benefits of using CBD oil

After using first few drops of CBD oil,
I observed a lot of effects, and made a list of them
still amazed that I was able to observe so many different effects
years (since 2006) of preparation paid off, finally (as I knew it would)

On CBD oil

  • I experience CBD-oil like “one size fits all”, it will help anyone
  • after the first 2 drops I felt like a caterpillar just turned into a butterfly
  • using CBD oil has no unpleasant side-effects
  • CBD oil is very much balancing on every imaginable level

Body experiences

  • my mind feels a bit clouded, like after drinking a glass of wine
  • being in a temperature of 18C feels now like 24C
  • I have more color in my face
  • my skin is taking care of itself, no need to add oils anymore
  • my skin is smoother, pimples are disappearing
  • my intestines are quiet now, working almost as I would prefer them to
  • the intestine inflammation (2006-2014) is gone
  • I can see a lot better without glasses
  • I am able to ground much more
  • enhanced flexibility, physical and non-physical
  • my body is strengthened, feels much more solid and firm
  • my body asked for a cold shower!
  • getting to my preferred weight is now much easier
  • I can breathe more easily through my nose
  • falling asleep much more easy, sleeping deeper and longer
  • waking up calmly and relaxed, being able to linger in bed
  • I have more energy, to the extent that I dont notice “energy” anymore
  • my aura feels much more cleaner and calmer
  • my body is daily improving, wholing

Energy changes

  • sudden sounds dont hurt / startle me anymore
  • I can now handle other people’s energies with ease
  • I feel completely at ease in a crowded, noisy shop


  • feelings of fear are almost completely gone
  • mind traffic (thoughts) is reduced by 80%
  • feeling happy, amazed, confused (is this really happening to me, now?)
  • I am feeling happy and calm
  • feeling balanced and joyful, easily able to make jokes
  • I am feeling bold, courageous, ready to live life
  • I am feeling at home in my body
  • I am enjoying life so much more!
  • I feel that my life is really taking off now
  • this state feels like heaven for me


  • I am able to relax now (for the first time in my life)
  • I am able to let go, and meditate, not feeling pushed all the time
  • I am able to eat anything I want
  • I am able to eat calmly, “craving” feeling is gone
  • no more feeling hungry / need to eat all the time
  • I am able to be outside, without the need of a toilet close by
  • I am able to be comfortable in the park / woods and enjoy it
  • I am enjoying the joy of feeling safe everywhere
  • I am enjoying the joy of being able to “join the party” whenever I like
  • I am feeling self-assured and self-confident
  • I am enjoying the freedom of letting go what other people think of me

Links for further research:


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