Enjoyable sunday


Again so much to enjoy today 🙂

Quiet time in the morning
Enjoying my ever improving glass-less eyesight and relaxed eyes
discovering that a lot about eyesight is mental- and habit related
enjoyed letting go of limits that I came aware of

visiting my son
WIth great enjoyment he explained and showed his new, self-built computer
with all that he could imagine to build in and on it
experiencing all his enthousiasm, makes 😀 me 😀 smile 😀 big time
beautiful to experience that he is easily able to make himself happy

And then sharing in general, connecting and doing groceries together
Great to experience there is ever more understanding between us two
both respecting and valuing eachothers boundaries
and then the joy of seeing that working perfectly

Enjoying my ever changing physical
feeling ever more calm and balanced

had a significant insight about healing with CBD oil
cannabis is a new-earth healing plant,
it works on the physical (CBD) and spiritual (THC) level
cannabis will always respect free will
it will support healing, if you really want, and work with it
if you (sub/un)consciously dont want healing,
it will support as far as you allow it to


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