Egg games, Easter version

Gel egg

About a week ago, Lisa Gawlas did a channeling for me. Today I want to share (as far as possible) about my experiences after that.
The story is about Hajamu, Onjamu and Jesus.

For me, Hajamu (male energy) is teaching me how to influence my own energy, starting with the orange egg Lisa saw in my belly.
Onjamu (feels like female energy) will teach me about the use of (some kind of) heart-centered energy generator, and much more.
Then there is Jesus (integrating male and female energies), the all encompassing, he will show me how to bring this into the world.

Until today, my main focus has been on the use of the orange egg.
The first thing it did, was expanding in a flash and start rotating, with my belly as center point. Size just a bit bigger than my hip-width.
It’s a higly dynamic egg, changing and rotating all the time, at my command (once I learnt that).
At one point, I saw Hajamu’s belly, showing me his egg, starting it up until rotating at a 1000 rpm. It can go much faster, but that will be for next level instructions. As he told me today: phase one is finished (no clue what that means).
Few nights ago I saw his energy (like a cloud) hovering against the ceiling above my body (while in bed). In the beginning he showed himself as a full metal robot, with tiny head, shape like a transformer toy, with metal armoured plates around his body.

So that’s all kind of nice, but the practical application? Amazing!
Rotating the egg generates energy. One day I was constantly rotating the egg before going to sleep. It took me 2 hours to fall asleep, and only could sleep when I stopped the rotating.
Later I learned that the egg can be controlled by intention instead of willpower.
The energy feels like protective.
At work I now can focus like never before. My mind is much sharper.
And this feeling of power generates a lot of calm.
Last saturday, when driving to the grocery store, I noticed I was just driving. Completely unaware of where I intended to go.
Previously I had enough stress inside of my body to be able to be reminded of where I was going. Now with stress almost completely gone, I had to think about other ways to remind myself of where I was going. Felt really nice!

Yesterday I met Onjamu for a few seconds.
I had seen him (bit strange, since I feel a lot of female energy too) flying in the distance, always moving. This time he came close, and suddenly I was Onjamu. And then he was gone again.
This in contrast to Hajamu, who is always around and kind of separate from me.

Connection with Jesus feels mostly from a distance.
I know (since a few years) he has been with me all my life. I felt his energy in my guardian angel, who told me his name is Joshua. Back then I asked his name several times, because I expected it to be Jeshua (as in: Jesus).
A few months ago I discovered (remembered) that Joshua was the guy from the bible who guided the people of Israel across the river Jordan to the promised land. And then read that (unsurprisingly) Joshua is a previous incarnation of Jesus.
Last october, when reading a book explaining the Gospels (from the bible) from a spiritual/universal viewpoint, I saw Jesus next to my bed, sitting on a chair, stating: I am your guru (teacher of higher wisdom), and I am here to stay.
After that, I could always talk with him, or ask questions, which I almost never did. Because energetic changes since then have been so profound that there wasn’t much space for further exploration. But I am always feeling his energy and inspiration. And asking myself occasionally: what would Jesus do (and knowing the answer immediately).
Until today, I have seen Jesus and me standing on the border of “his country”, holding hands. It wasn’t time yet to enter that country.

Finishing, I want to thank Lisa for being around and making life so much more fun and exciting.
I know, I can do this journey on my own, it will happen anyway.
As the bible says (genesis 2 verse 18): “It is not good that the man should be alone”. This text is (in what I was taught) generally thought to be about marriage and sex. From my viewpoint now, it is literally what it states: one can do things alone, but there are so many reasons why it is better to be with (at least) one other human in your travels.
Troughout my life I have learnt that there are many different people who can fit this description, each on their own time and in their own unique way.
I feel a lot of connection with Lisa, she has a great connection with Sananda (Jesus), can see, sees differently than I do, is as clean as possible in her readings (seeings), and is simply fun to be with …
It was completely logical to ask her to travel with me for some time (by buying a channeling package), providing additional and amazing insights, making things a lot more exciting, and provinding me with even more focus, just by BEing.

Love you all ❤


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