Gerlof & Nelly

Bright light

In honor of both my parents, Gerlof and Nelly
13=3=11 at 03:00 Gerlof left to be reunited with Nelly
8=4=8 at 22:00 Nelly left this earth plane
it is 3 years and 8 months since their reunification
the 3 (years) and 8 (months) connecting their chosen ascension dates

today my father’s funeral music was on and in my mind (Air, JS Bach)

❤ ❤


Benefits of using CBD oil

After using first few drops of CBD oil,
I observed a lot of effects, and made a list of them
still amazed that I was able to observe so many different effects
years (since 2006) of preparation paid off, finally (as I knew it would)

On CBD oil

  • I experience CBD-oil like “one size fits all”, it will help anyone
  • after the first 2 drops I felt like a caterpillar just turned into a butterfly
  • using CBD oil has no unpleasant side-effects
  • CBD oil is very much balancing on every imaginable level

Body experiences

  • my mind feels a bit clouded, like after drinking a glass of wine
  • being in a temperature of 18C feels now like 24C
  • I have more color in my face
  • my skin is taking care of itself, no need to add oils anymore
  • my skin is smoother, pimples are disappearing
  • my intestines are quiet now, working almost as I would prefer them to
  • the intestine inflammation (2006-2014) is gone
  • I can see a lot better without glasses
  • I am able to ground much more
  • enhanced flexibility, physical and non-physical
  • my body is strengthened, feels much more solid and firm
  • my body asked for a cold shower!
  • getting to my preferred weight is now much easier
  • I can breathe more easily through my nose
  • falling asleep much more easy, sleeping deeper and longer
  • waking up calmly and relaxed, being able to linger in bed
  • I have more energy, to the extent that I dont notice “energy” anymore
  • my aura feels much more cleaner and calmer
  • my body is daily improving, wholing

Energy changes

  • sudden sounds dont hurt / startle me anymore
  • I can now handle other people’s energies with ease
  • I feel completely at ease in a crowded, noisy shop


  • feelings of fear are almost completely gone
  • mind traffic (thoughts) is reduced by 80%
  • feeling happy, amazed, confused (is this really happening to me, now?)
  • I am feeling happy and calm
  • feeling balanced and joyful, easily able to make jokes
  • I am feeling bold, courageous, ready to live life
  • I am feeling at home in my body
  • I am enjoying life so much more!
  • I feel that my life is really taking off now
  • this state feels like heaven for me


  • I am able to relax now (for the first time in my life)
  • I am able to let go, and meditate, not feeling pushed all the time
  • I am able to eat anything I want
  • I am able to eat calmly, “craving” feeling is gone
  • no more feeling hungry / need to eat all the time
  • I am able to be outside, without the need of a toilet close by
  • I am able to be comfortable in the park / woods and enjoy it
  • I am enjoying the joy of feeling safe everywhere
  • I am enjoying the joy of being able to “join the party” whenever I like
  • I am feeling self-assured and self-confident
  • I am enjoying the freedom of letting go what other people think of me

Links for further research:

Heaven continues

Using CBD (hemp) oil every day
taking 2 drops when getting up and around 4 pm
My mind is almost completely silent
Which is nice to play with, when at work, then I try to think in pictures,
which is 🙂 a nice challenge when programming

my eyesight without glasses has significantly improved,
since I had to say goodbye to my now broken old glasses
(was -2.5 cyl. -1.5 / -3.5 cyl. -1 so in fact -4 / -4.5, now -1 / -2 no cylinders)
I can read the computer screen easily from normal distance,
but not completely sharp (that’s what the cylinders were for)

I am now having full intention on being able to be without glasses,
as soon as relaxedly possible
so encouraging my eyes to relax, massaging around them
massaging neck (where eyesight originate from)
loving my body, encouraging him to relax too
envisioning a complete whole full functioning body
to experience new earth now

I am so amazingly calm and unaffected by what happens around me
this for sure still feels like heaven
only falling out of it sometimes at work,
when I get caught up in too much old fuss, like I used to do
But most of the time I can experience my work quietly and gently focussed

my body improves every day
last 2 days I ate so much foods that I couldnt handle before last friday
and only experiencing some gasses and cramps,
and they are subsiding more and more every day

for me, Heaven now is

a gentle flow
fluent happiness and being
floating in the universe
and grounded (more than ever before) on earth

Being and feeling all Love
Love Being the filter for all experience

Amazing Grace

While enjoying an amazing bowl of warm veggies, I looked up, and saw my whole team around me, cheering and applauding. I had to cry.

As of today, I officially got my life back.
Up to last weekend, life has been a (physical) struggle for me.
Last week, spirit gently pushed me to using CBD (cannabis) oil.
After only 2 drops, all of my food-intolerance was gone. All!
And I got about 30 other significant improvements in my life.
From only 2 drops!
(I made a list of the improvements, because I couldnt believe)
Since then, until today, I lived in kind of a haze.
Now it feels grounded.
Waiting all my life (56 years) for this to happen, not even knowing it would, but never really doubting.
And then having my team around me, cheering ❤ , celebrating with me

Amazing grace, that is how it feels. Goosebumps.
And I so much feel it's not only me who feels so much amazing grace now

Playing this a lot of times: